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Glass Permeation Model (GP, GPH)

[Glass Permeation Model (GP, GPH)]

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客户可以从限制在小于600psig的气源重新填充泄漏标准。(提供可变利率模式或开放式的可能性):  是 ()    进气口配件
出气口配件(其他请说明):     气体类型: 
泄漏率:     测试压力和单位: 
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The GP model helium calibrated leak standard was developed to be compatible with Ultra-High vacuum systems. This model is the calibrated helium leak of choice for 10-9 and 10-10 atm-cc/s leak rates and critical applications where out gassing and background signals need to be kept to a minimum. . This model is available in leak rates ranging from 10-10 to 10-5 atm-cc/s (Other rates available upon request). 

Both of these models are available with various sizes of DOT rated gas reservoirs, the reservoir size is usually dictated by the leak rate to insure an acceptable yearly depletion rate.


  • Reliable glass type leak element, industry standard for 30 years
  • All welded stainless steel construction
  • All metal vacuum fittings, VCR or Con-flat (Del-Seal), others available
  • Can be baked to 150°C, 250°C with optional all metal fill valve
  • All metal welded bellows shut off valve
  • Temperature coefficient of 3 to 4%/°C depending on the leak rate.

GP  models shut off valve has a FEP valve packing that seals on the valve stem while the GPH model uses an all metal welded bellows valve.

Note: Prices starting at $450