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Air Leak Test FAQ

Air leak testing is an effective method of determining if a product has been manufactured to meet leak-tight specifications. Microscopic holes, failed seals, and countless other defects can cause air leaks that can lead to significant problems. Everything from automotive radiators to medical devices to fire sprinkler system components needs air leak testing to ensure proper performance. Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) provides a wide range of effective solutions for air leak testing.

What is Air Leak Testing?

Air leak testing is a clean, fast, non-destructive, and repeatable process that can be applied to products that require non-leaks and/or water-tight construction. This process is used to not only detect leaks, but also to provide non-subjective data on leakage rates for further analysis. Air leak testing helps OEMs ensure that their products meet leak-tight specifications and helps them find design and/or manufacturing flaws.

What Industries & Markets Use Air Leak Testing?

Cincinnati Test Systems’ air leak testing equipment is used in a wide range of industries and applications, including medical, automotive, military/aerospace, consumer goods, construction, recreation, and many others.

What Equipment is Available for Air Leak Testing?

Cincinnati Test Systems offers a full line of air leak testing equipment and accessories. Our air leak test products include:

We also offer custom-engineered systems made to match your exact testing specifications.

All our air leak testing equipment is calibrated and verified to NIST traceable leak standards. We operate an A2LA lab, accredited to ISO 17025, for the manufacture and recertification of NIST traceable calibrated leak/flow standards.

Cincinnati Test Systems is an industry leader in high performance air leak testing equipment. Contact us today for more information.

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