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Calibration Test Systems

CTS Calibration Test Systems are custom test solutions engineered to test parts to ensure they conform to manufacturer specifications and sized to meet production requirements. Calibrated Test Systems are used to test broad range of  electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical systems and can perform resistance, pressure, and vacuum tests.Calibration Test System

CTS can provide turnkey calibration test systems for most any project; from the most basic table top design to a fully automated multiple station systems with part movement, progressive tests within the test cell, and part identification and marking for serialized identification. CTS systems will collect, store, and download complete and accurate data for SPC analysis to document the part to a test.

Calibration Test Systems are commonly used for electro-mechanical component parts, such as: control valves, regulators, pressure switches, and monitoring devices to ensure they are operating to design specifications.

Let Cincinnati Test Systems custom design a Calibration Test System for your project. 

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