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Dunk Testing Systems

CTS Dunk Test Systems are custom test solutions engineered to test parts to ensure they conform to manufacturer leak specifications and sized to meet production requirements. Dunk leak testing is a method of testing a part vessel or cavity for leaks by submersing a gas charged part in a tank to identify a leak by a stream of air bubbles escaping from the part. Compressed air is commonly used for dunk testing and will test the part at various pressures and time.Dunk Testing Systems

A Dunk Test System performs a Pressure Decay Leak Test on the interior of the vessel. This type of test uses pressure drop over time to identify a leak. The dunk test system is not limited to testing, but can include: manual and automatic operation, fixturing to secure the part for, part handling (loading and unloading large parts), sealing the part for test pressures, plumbing, regulating compressed air, booster air systems to achieve test pressure, and more. Dunk testing requires a protective enclosure for the operator as some parts are tested under extremely high-pressure.

A custom designed Dunk Test System can be created to accommodate several part sizes, types and models with special fixtures to secure the part in the tank. In some applications, the system will provide seal components to cover and seal large ports in the part, holding the test pressure without leaking. This type of system is custom designed to part design and used for: testing fitting, valves, weldments, fuel tanks, powertrain components, faucets, water heaters, gas cylinders, boilers and more.  

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