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Fluid & Burst Test Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems’ fluid and air burst test systems are custom test solutions designed for leak testing parts to ensure they conform to manufacturer pressure specifications and meet production requirements.

Product burst testing utilizes controlled pressure (fluid or compressed air) on the exterior of the part. Test parameters determine that the part functions and does not leak within the preset acceptable testing pressures.

Custom Fluid Burst Test Equipment

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) will work with you to develop a custom fluid burst test system that meets your unique part and testing specifications. Our burst test units are highly customizable and can be tailored to provide the ideal features and performance for your application.

CTS fluid burst test equipment can:

  • Be designed to operate in your specific test environment
  • Provide a fluid supply system to pressurize & control fluids for the test
  • Provide booster air systems to achieve test pressure
  • Provide part fixturing for one or more part types
  • Provide test connections for the part(s)Burst Test System
  • Provide fixturing to test single or multiple part designs
  • Provide automation for manual and/or automatic operation
  • Provide automation for part load/unload
  • Provide a test program(s)
  • Provide instrument & system tests to verify that the function test is operating properly
  • Provide a test event history logo SPC analysis of test results

Request a quote on a custom fluid burst test system for your application, or contact CTS to learn more.

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