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Helium Recovery Systems

CTS is a leader in Trace Gas leak detection with over 30 year experience supporting tracer gas in not only manufacturing test instruments and turn-key test systems, but also Helium Gas Reclaim Systems. The movement to improve quality has lowered the leak rate specification in part and system manufacturing.  The use of tracer gas is almost mandatory to reduce the test time, improve test accuracy and repeatability, and meet production requirements.  Helium Reclaim Systems will reduce helium tracer gas costs by recycling the helium for reuse in your plant.

Automated Hard Vacuum Helium Tracer Gas System

Helium Recycling Systems are perfect additions for large parts and high pressure tests with high throughput production rates where large amounts of Helium are used.  Whether it’s the need to protect people or property in the case of a gas leak, or a need to detect inefficiencies in equipment by not recycling your tracer gas, CTS is prepared to help you maximize your equipment’s return on investment in either our standard or custom built gas detection systems.


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